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Former NBA Star RaSheed Wallace Says Flint Looks Like a ‘Third-World Country’

On the Dec. 1 edition of “Area 21,” retired NBA great Kevin Garnett and former Detroit Pistons player Rasheed Wallace discussed the ongoing Flint, Michigan, environmental crisis that has plagued Black residents for the past two years.

Since February, Wallace has given school supplies, food and water to residents suffering from the one of the worst environmental crises in the nation’s history, and he sat down with host Garnett to talk about his 10-month charitable endeavor.

In the clip, Wallace revealed his frustrations with the current conditions of the city despite his charitable efforts.

“You wouldn’t even think that it’s a part of the United States … It looks like a third-world country,” he says. “You might have like, 15 or 20 houses on a block and only like two of them are occupied. It is either boarded-up homes or vacant lots.

“It’s nasty, man. It’s disgusting.”

Wallace added that even though the government has since provided some aid, the crisis still exists.

“Just imagine, how much you use water,” he says to Garnett. “When you wake up in the morning, what do you do? Brush your mouth. Wash your grill [face].”

Wallace told Garnett that the government was well aware of the situation. He said Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder sent bottled water to state employees, a clear indication that he was well aware of the dangerous drinking water.

“If you knew and you still let it go on, dog, you gotta be held responsible for that,” Wallace says of Snyder.

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