Black Florida Student Teaches Substitute Teacher a Thing or Two About Racism, White Privilege

An Oakland Park, Florida, high school student confronted her substitute teacher over racism and white supremacy Wednesday, Nov. 16 in a now-viral video.

In the video recorded by student Ghenelle Tiresias, a Black Northeast High School student, identified as Colby, tells her white substitute teacher that white people own everything and it is not fair.

Ghenelle told Mic that since the election of Donald Trump, the school has been on edge. And this incident allegedly started after the sub, identified only as Bubba, said that he did not want America to become a Latin nation.

Ghenelle originally uploaded the video to Twitter before it made its way onto various social media platforms.

“I’m sorry that this is the way it is. It is f–ked up,” Colby starts. “But white people control everything. And that’s not fair.”

Colby adds that if minorities point out that white people have committed injustices against them, white people simply dismiss Black people’s grievances.

“But then you say something about how there are too many Latinos,” she says. At this point, Bubba interrupts the student, claiming that he did not make that statement. Instead, he insists that he was only talking about closing and securing the border.

The students in the background then jump in and side with Colby. They say that he mentioned “preserving American culture,” but Colby retorts, saying that there is no American culture.

“Because you are white and so closed-minded, you refuse to accept that,” Colby states.

Near the 1:10 mark, Bubba starts to fight back against the criticism. “Don’t tell me I’m closed-minded,” Bubba says. “Just because I disagree with you doesn’t mean I’m closed-minded … Why do I have to accept what you think is right?”

The sub then comments on Colby’s opening statement claiming that white people control everything.

“You said white people have been in control of everything,”  he begins. “Who is the president of the United States right now?”

But his position is quickly shut down. Colby points out that President Barack Obama is powerless and cannot run the country effectively due to white politicians.

“With a white Congress, a white Senate, with a white everything else,” she says. “He doesn’t have control of everything.”

After the heated exchange, Mic reported that the girl was thrown out of the classroom. However, there has been no word as of this report on her punishment or the school’s response to the confrontation.

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