Montana Coffee Shop Owner Backtracks On Call to Hang ‘Black Monkeys’ After Backlash | Q2 | Continuous News Coverage | Billings, MT

A Billings, Montana, coffee shop owner is under fire for making racially charged and derogatory political posts on social media.

Coffee Tavern owner Larry Heafner’s social media comments come to light after Billings resident Josh Schleining spotted the entrepreneur’s statements under a video where a group of Black men was accosting a white man.

“These f—ing monkeys would be hanging if I saw this s—,” Heafner wrote on the video. “You don’t see white people do this s—.”

There was a subsequent backlash after customers and social media users got word of the owner’s long history of harsh and indecent posts. Schleining and his friends began documenting other instances. In an exclusive with KTVQ, Heafner told reporters that he is sorry for making the comments.

“It was the dumbest thing I ever did. … I’m not going to sit and try to excuse my derogatory or negative comments because it was ridiculous,” Heafner continued. “I do want to say I’m not racist by no means and I’m not a woman hater.”

Here are some of the posts the shop owner has apologized for:

In reference to Hillary Clinton, Heafner wrote, “She needs f—– with a bat! Right up her liberal f—— ass!”

He also thought  Trump was going to lose the election. So he wrote, “The Coffee Tavern will never recognize a murdering whore for president!! Don’t like it, keep the fuck out!! We don’t tolerate scum!!!”

Now, Heafner has postponed the opening of his coffee shop after the backlash, according to KTVQ.

“The people that know me know I’m not like that,” Heafner said. “I just hope that this community can overlook the stupid comments I made.”

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