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Black Woman Sits Through Painfully Racist Tirade from White Trump-Supporting Boyfriend

Please screen your partners, black femmes. We tend to be targets of every type of predator. They have no gender NOR do they have a race. We are the demographic expected to pick up the scraps of romantic partners, but FUCK THAT!No matter who you date, it's critical that your partner doesn't have values that directly oppose your existence. SCREEN ❤️️

Posted by Brown Girls on Wednesday, November 9, 2016

A Black woman’s white partner unleashes a hateful storm of racial epithets during a lover’s quarrel.

Facebook user Madison Amelia captures her boyfriend’s abuse and shared it on her profile. In the nearly 2-minute clip, the young woman sits on the couch as the nameless man stands over her yelling about Black Lives Matter, Trump’s alleged plan to send Black people to Africa, and commanding her to get a job.

Even though the man’s anger grows, Amelia continues to stoically sit there and record the fury. “That’s what Trump should do,” he starts. “The second he is elected [he should] give all you motherf—s tickets back Black Lives Matter go matter to f—ing Ghana … Go dig for f—ing diamonds over there. Have fun !”

Shocked by his comments, the young woman grills her partner for sounding like a racist. But he does not stop and the verbally abusive spouse brushes off the statement as if it is a good thing.

The tirade goes on. He calls the woman an n-word several times as he belittles her.

However, Clutch Magazine reports that the woman has moved on past the abusive relationship. Now, the woman is dating another white man.

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