Church Group Gets Rude Awakening During Oklahoma Campus Protest After Condemning BLM to Hell

On Monday, Oct. 31, a counter Black Lives Matter protest turned violent Monday, Oct. 31 on the Southeastern Oklahoma State University.

Students clashed with the organizers from a local church group condemning the BLM movement and its supporters. The ringleader was captured on video telling Black men they were infected with a sexually transmitted disease. KXII reports that the group also stated that BLM supporters were “going to hell.”

“They knew what they were doing as soon as they got there and there was nothing we could have done,” student Ralontae Whorley tells reporters.

According to student accounts, the group that allegedly incited the chaos, had a permit to preach on campus. However, their message was not one of peace.

SOSU junior Charles Jackson recounts the instance where the group attack on Black students. “He was saying one out of three of us [Black people] have STD’s [sexually transmitted diseases]. He was counting 1, 2, 3 STD … One of the football players wanted to take the sign from them, and so it got people riled up and they started crossing the barricade. And so it started causing tension and people trying to hold him back which caused more tension.”

Subsequently, students clashed with the church group. There was pushing and shoving police eventually intervened and escorted the group off campus.

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