California High School Bathrooms Vandalized with 1950s-Style ‘Coloreds,’ ‘Whites’ Graffiti

Students at California High School in San Ramon, California are outraged after racist graffiti surfaced in the boys and girls bathrooms this week.

San Ramon Police are currently investigating the incidents.  According to NBC Bay Area, the n-word was written in the girls’ restroom, and the words “whites” and “colored” were scribbled above the urinals in the boys’. Tuesday, a student came forth and took credit for graffiti in the boys restroom. School officials have not revealed how that student would be punished.


Screenshot via NBC Bay Area

“I deal with racism on a daily basis as a kid of color, as a minority,” student Alanah Winston tells reporters. “… Just to see blatant hatred written there for you to see, [was heartbreaking].”

Although Alanah has felt racism, she says she never felt it on campus until now.

San Ramon Valley Unified School District spokesperson Elizabeth Graswich tells NBC Bay Area that officials looked into the first incident that occurred last week. However, the district sent an email alert to parents after the second incident.

“It was a challenging one to investigate because it was shared via social media,” Graswich explains.

Because there were only videos and photos of the graffiti, the district’s investigation has proven difficult.

“I just want action to be taken,” Alanah says. “I want this to be prevented.”

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