5 Black-Owned Breweries You Should Know About


Harlem Brewing (1)

Harlem Brewing Company of Harlem, New York
Shaw University graduate Celeste Beatty started her beer-making business in the confines of her Harlem apartment. Beginning with five-gallon batches of craft beer each day, the Harlem Brewing Company has since grown into a popular beverage line sold at various stores in the New York City area. The Harlem beer recently hit the shelves of 39 local New York Walmarts in February of this year, Atlanta Black Star reports. The line pays homage to African-American heritage and culture with beverage names like Sugar Hill Golden Ale, Harlem Renaissance Wit, and Strawberry Hard Cider.

Website: http://www.harlembrewing.com/

Harlem Blue (1)

Harlem Blue Brewery of Harlem, New York
The Harlem Blue Brewery was founded by beer-maker and former contract attorney Julian Riley Jr. Riley launched his brewery in 2014 with the goal of tapping into Harlem’s underappreciated beer-making history. His line of brews features varieties like American Pale Wheat Ale, Black Lager, and Hectic IPA (Indian Pale Ale). Harlem Blue beers are also sold at various bars and restaurants around Harlem, Morningside Heights, the Upper West Side, Midtown West, Soho/West Village, the East Village, lower East Side, and Tribeca.

Website: http://www.harlemblue.com/

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