Woman Learns the Hard Way Not to Call First Lady Michelle Obama ‘Ugly’

Michelle Obama (T Magazine)

Michelle Obama (T Magazine)

After Michelle Obama’s new photoshoot images spread online, many praised the first lady’s appearance.

However, one Twitter user took issue with Obama’s T Magazine pictures.

“I love her but Michelle Obama ain’t that cute if we keeping it a buck,” user Chocolate Girl 6 wrote. “That underbite makes me squint.”

The photos feature up-close shots of Obama. The Harvard alum is seen in a full-face of makeup and sleek hair. Upon the release of the images, Twitter became flooded with endearing messages for the stylish 52-year-old.

But Chocolate Girl disagreed. After she voiced her opinion, it spurred an outpouring of judgment from other Twitter users.

Yukio Strachan wondered why Chocolate needed to add to ongoing critiques about Obama.

Genesis deemed the response “so disrespectful and sad” before wondering why Black women “always” act unsupportive of each other.

NIX asked her to post a photo of herself once she reached Obama’s age.

Big BaghDaddy wondered if Chocolate Girl 6 was a “lottery pick.”

@iamdryx dug up an old tweet about positivity and questioned the critical woman’s hypocrisy.

Meanwhile, Spooky Bey posted a side-by-side photo of Chocolate Girl to compare her with Obama.

DasiaBeinFab also took the chance to diss Chocolate Girl. She likened the user to “Orlando Jones with lipstick.”

The last tweet drew concern from the actor himself.

Regardless of the critiques, Chocolate Girl did not back down from her views.

“What did I say that was THAT deep?” she asked one opposing tweeter.

She also stated Obama has a “nice” figure and that “she’s cute and not pretty.”

Additionally, at least two users agreed with Chocolate’s assertion.

Charles Broccoli compared Obama’s jaws to a bear trap.

And @Petty_J_Blige remarked, “I see no lie here.”

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