What These Texas State Students Did When Their Professor Asserted All People Are of African Descent is Appalling 

Student's exit Dr. McGee's lecture hall. Image courtesy of Twitter user @amvrion.

Students exit Dr. McGee’s lecture hall. Image courtesy of Twitter user @amvrion.

A few Texas State University students weren’t too thrilled when their anthropology professor asserted that all living people originated in Africa. The students were so bothered, in fact, that they stormed out of the class in droves.

According to The Tab, students began walking out of Dr. R. Jon McGee’s Cultural Anthropology class after the seasoned professor pushed the idea that all living beings come from Africa — an idea commonly known as the “Out of Africa” theory.

As several white students exited the lecture hall, those who stayed behind reportedly started yelling “Black Lives Matter,” the news site reports. Others began arguing with one another.

Student Justine Lundy, 20, told The Tab the class lecture started with a message from their professor, stating that they would be discussing the topic of race and that students should be sure to pay attention that day. That’s when McGee began speaking about the Black Lives Matter movement and how all beings originated on the continent of Africa.

“It was dead silent,” Lundy said, before a student snapped back with a “sarcastic ‘sure.’ ”

One by one, students got up to leave the class.


“A lot of people left,” said Karene Taylor, 19, another student who attended McGee’s class. “It was embarrassing.”

Lundy said it was most likely the discussion around Black Lives Matter that initially made students uncomfortable. But once McGee threw in the “Out of Africa” component, that was probably “the straw that broke the camel’s back.”


Lundy said throughout discussions surrounding the controversial topic, McGee never took sides — not once.

The Texas anthropology professor isn’t the first to promote the widely supported theory. According to Atlanta Black Star, recent experiments by Penn State professor Dr. Keith Cheng have provided strong conclusions to prove that life did indeed begin in Africa and that white people may have mutated from Africans.

“Not only did light-skinned people evolve from Black-skinned people, but lighter-skinned people — whether they’re European or whether they’re Asian like me — were mutants of the dark-skinned people,” Cheng explained.

Scientists have speculated about this mutation for years, but Cheng’s experiments on light and dark zebrafish was the first to provide genetic proof, ABS reports.

Clearly, those Texas State University students weren’t quite ready to face the truth.

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