NY State Politician Stands by Offer of Free ‘Kool Aid, KFC And Watermelons’ to Harlem Residents

A Republican New York State Senate Candidate defends his plan to hand out “Kool Aid, KFC and watermelons” at a campaign event in Harlem.

GOP candidate Jon Girodes is running for New York’s 30th District in the November election. According to NBC 4 News, Girodes used the racially insensitive phase when the news outlet’s i-team e-mailed him about a real estate deal gone amuck. Reporters shared his comments to Harlem residents and they were shocked by his blatant racism. But the candidate refused to back down and apologize.

“… Anyone who gives free food to people is doing them a favor,” Girodes explains. “… Let me go into their neighborhood and give it out for free. And see if they take it.”

Since the report, his Democratic rival, incumbent Sen. Bill Perkins, was surprised by his brash and overtly racist comments. Even the New York State Senate Republican Campaign Committee and the party establishment has come out against Girodes.

“I think it’s important to out [Girodes’ remarks] not just to denounce him …This type of offense does not go unchallenged,” Perkins tells reporters.

However, this incident is only one of Girodes’ many issues. NBC 4 News reporters spoke to Nancy Bandiera, who claims the candidate took $750 from her. According to Bandiera, he backed out of a deal and kept her deposit to rent his luxury apartment. She revealed to the outlet a long text conversation with Girodes detailing her struggle to get her money back.

“I’ve lost the money, and there is no way to contact him anymore,” Bandiera says. “He is a liar. He’s so disgusting.”

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