Bodycam Footage Shows D.C. Woman Arrested for Talking Back to Police

A Black, Washington D.C. woman was allegedly arrested for having a bad attitude with police back in August.

After her attorney, George Lyon, requested the bodycam footage from the August arrest, the woman will not be heading to trial. According to WUSA 9 News, she was initially arrested for having an open container of alcohol. Lyon asked his client if the arresting officers had bodycams, and she said they did.

Typically, D.C. Police are required to turn on their bodycam before arriving to a crime scene and making an arrest, per department procedure. So the attorney used the footage to show police misconduct.

In the footage released this week, D.C. Police can be heard telling the unidentified woman: “You got an attitude? OK, you can come with us, too.”

“People have the right to have an attitude and not get arrested,” Lyon tells reporters.

Now, his client’s charges have been dropped. As of the Oct. 12 WUSA 9 News report, the names of the police have not been released. And the D.C. Police Department has not commented on the arrest or cam footage.

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