Watch: David West Lays Out his Reasons for Protesting Anthem to Media

On Oct. 3, Golden Sate Warriors player David West addressed the media after team practice about his multi-year national anthem protest and run-ins with police.

According to Atlanta Black Star, West has protested the national anthem for years. He told The Undefeated that he can not recall how long he has protested. However, the NBA star said that his protest ran deeper than putting a stop to police brutality in Black communities. It’s also to bring awareness to education, infant mortality and other issues.

West told the news site that he supports San Francisco 49ers QB Colin Kaepernick’s protest. But he is not very optimistic the protest will bring about change. In the clip above, West shares his reasons for protesting for all of these years.

“… [Mike Brown] was turned into something other than a human being … He was dehumanized. When you dehumanize people, you can treat them however you want …”

He adds that his first encounter with police was when he was 9. The same issues West dealt with then are happening to others at age 36.

West’s full interview is below:

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