3 Florida Students of Hispanic and Arab Descent Claim KKK-Like Robes Were Ghost Costumes

A trio of Wesley Chapel, Florida high school students wore Ku Klux Klan inspired-costumes after other students reportedly protested the national anthem.

On Sept. 30, CBS Miami reported that three Wiregrass Ranch High school students — two Hispanic and one Middle Eastern — wore ghost costumes for spirit week. The students told officials that the costumes were harmless. After photos of the three circulated online, social media users were outraged.

And school Superintendent Kurt Browning shares many of their sentiments. He believes the costumes are similar to robes and garments traditionally worn by the KKK. Browning insists these teens were not dressed as ghosts.

“Usually ghosts don’t have pointed hats,” Browning says in the clip. “The last thing we need is to have any student regardless of race dressed up in that type of costume.”

According to CBS Miami, another student — in addition to the trio — wore a confederate flag around his neck in a manner similar to that of a comic book character. That teen was not reprimanded.

Parents tell the outlet the community has experienced racial tension over the past few weeks because of a national anthem protest. Now, the high school is looking into the incident and may take further action.

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