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Disturbing New Dashcam Footage Shows Sacramento Police Conspiring to Run Down Man Before Shooting Him

Dashcam footage released on Sept. 20 shows Sacramento, California police trying to run over a mentally ill man in July before shooting him over 10 times.

According to an initial Atlanta Black Star report, 51-year-old Joseph Mann became homeless after losing two jobs and the sudden death of his mother. Back in August, Robert Mann told media that his brother was mentally distraught since their mother’s untimely passing.

On July 11, Sacramento Police shot Mann 14 times while he was against a fence, because they believed the man posed an imminent threat to them. Police reports from the incident states that Mann was carrying a gun and a knife while disobeying police commands.

However, family attorney John Burris released footage that refutes the police claims. In the witness video released Aug. 5, Mann was walking away from officers and had no gun during the police-involved shooting.

According to The Sacramento Bee, the latest footage shows two officers conspiring to run over Mann as he walks away from them. It is believed one of the officers stated “f— this guy” as Mann walks further away from encroaching police. Then, the driver says, “I’m going to hit him.” Subsequently, the officer’s partner encourages him to “ Go for it. Go for it.”

In the disturbing footage, the police interceptor nearly runs into Mann, but he manages to dodge the speeding cruiser by running in the opposite direction.

CBS Sacramento reports that Burris wants the two officers involved with almost striking Mann prosecuted for premeditated murder.


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