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Virginia Activist Claims Police Open Car Hoods to Block Dashcams, Officers Deny Accusations

Over the weekend, Danville, Virginia activist Shakeva Frazier shared photos showing local police raising their hoods during a traffic stop.

She took the photos because she believed the police were trying to cover in-car cameras with their hoods. Since her initial Facebook post, Frazier has gone viral and the Danville Police Department has responded to the public scrutiny.

According to WSLS 10 News, Danville police said the hoods were up as a way to cool off overheated engines. The department refutes any allegations claiming they were attempting to block dashcams.

“That’s not accurate,” Danville Police Department Lt. Mike Wallace proclaims. “That’s not something we’ve ever done.”

Reporters relayed that information back to Frazier and she says that eases some of her suspicion.

“I know there’s always going to be some loop holes and things to get over. But that was a major hindrance to me. So, yeah, it gives me a little peace of mind,” Frazier tells 10 News.

However, a reporter reached out to mechanics to see if the opened hoods actually help cool off engines. After speaking with two mechanics, one says popping the hood helps and the other tells them it will do no good.

“When it first popped up, it just spoke to the fact that, once again, we need to improve communications with our community,” Martinsville Police Department Capt. Robert Fincher tells the outlet. Now, the department will consider stopping the practice.

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