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Cam Newton on Latest Police Shootings: ‘If I Say Something It Will Be Critiqued, If I Don’t, I’m a Fraud’

On Sept. 21, Carolina Panthers QB Cam Newton held a press conference focusing on the recent Charlotte, North Carolina police shooting.

After the shooting of 43-year-old Keith Scott, protesters took to the streets in outrage after an allegedly unarmed Black man was shot by Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police.

On Tuesday, police entered a University City apartment complex searching for a man with outstanding warrants.

However, police encountered Scott, who was reportedly in his car waiting for his child.

Initial reports state that Scott allegedly exited his vehicle with a gun. Officers believed the man “posed an imminent threat” to them.

Subsequently, officers fired and killed Scott.

In the clip, Newton says that he is criticized for speaking out against police brutality and for saying nothing. But, he will continue to voice his opinion.

“We’ve all got to be held accountable,” he opines. “When is enough enough?”

He adds that he is an African-American and that he is not happy “about the state of oppression in our community.”

“It’s embarrassing for things to just keep happening. I have a son and daughter I’m responsible for,” Newton says. “How would it be if one day they come home and there’s no more daddy?”

Furthermore, Newton stresses that Black people have to do better.

“We can’t be hypocrites.”

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