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Hispanic Man Escapes Interrogation Room After Killing a Black Man for Not Holding Door at McDonalds

After escaping a police interrogation room, 25-year-old Las Vegas resident Alonso Perez was arrested again Tuesday, Sept. 6.

On Aug. 27, Perez was initially arrested for killing 31-year-old Black man Mohammed Robinson.

According to FOX News, Robinson and Perez got into a heated argument after Robinson failed to hold the door for Perez’s girlfriend outside a McDonald’s.

Perez shot the man and was taken into custody immediately.

In the news clip, reporters say Perez repeatedly twisted his metal cuffs and freed himself. Reporters believe Perez may have picked up the skill from military special forces.

He fled to a nearby rental car business where he stole a Ford F-250 work truck.

NBC News reports that North Las Vegas Police officers found Perez Tuesday around 8 p.m. Pacific Time.

Now, he is held on $ 35,000 bail for various charges, including domestic battery.

Months prior to the Aug. 27 incident, Perez was captured on video firing a handgun at a hotel manager who refused to let him in.

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