Drunk White Man Leads Florida Police on High Speed Chase, Starts Fight and Lives to Talk About It


A white DUI suspect led Indian River County, Florida police on a high speed chase and then fought arresting officers on Aug. 25.

According to CBS 12, the suspect identified as 25-year-old Robert Rogers III ran a red light at 110 mph.

Investigators told reporters that Rogers drove into an active construction area as deputies followed suit.

In the footage below, the DUI suspect stops his vehicle alongside a highway and runs toward police.

“He gets out in an excited state with his hands in his pockets, ” Sheriff Deryl Loar told CBS 12. “He pulls out his hands and his fists like he’s shooting a gun. Deputies showed enormous restraint by not taking deadly force in this particular case.”

One deputy appears to fire his taser, but Rogers continue to charge toward him.

As the struggle continue, a second deputy rushes in to apprehend the drunk driver.

However, Rogers does not let up. The drunk driver starts fighting both officers.

Subsequently, the second deputy receives a few blows to abdomen as the first deputy tries to use the taser again.

Rogers was arrested and taken to the Indian River County jail. His bond is set at $145,000.

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