Pennsylvania Woman Latest Victim of Wave of Racist Terror, Daughter’s Toys, Porch Doused With Gasoline


Police have launch an investigation after a Pitcairn, Pennsylvania woman woke up to racist graffiti and gasoline doused on her daughter’s toys and porch in multiple racial attacks.

According WTAE-TV, Courtney Mike-Wilson said that she woke Wednesday morning on July 27 and found the n-word spray-painted on her sedan.

Days later, Mike-Wilson saw her 4-year-old daughter’s dodgeballs slashed and placed on her porch doormat.

“That morning they were popped in front of my door just so I can’t miss them. I think that’s what scares me right there is you have no problem coming on my front porch,” she tells WTAE-TV.

Then, on Aug. 4, she came home and discovered her daughter’s toys soaking in gasoline.

“I stay to myself, I go to work, and I come home. I’m a foster parent, so I really don t have time for anything,” Mike-Wilson explains.

Fearing for her child’s safety, Mike-Wilson has sent her 4-year-old to live with relatives until she finds a new place to live.

“She can’t walk to the park anymore. She can’t go to the day care. I don’t tell her what’s going on. I’d rather she not be scared, but it’s hard to come up with first and last month rent so quickly, especially when you think you’re going to be somewhere for a while,” Mike-Wilson tells reporters.

Pitcairn Police have asked for the FBI’s assistance in finding those responsible for the hate crime.

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