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Black Jews Stood with ‘BLM’ Until It Questioned U.S.’ Unrelenting Support to Israel

Image courtesy of the Renegade Tribune.

Image courtesy of the Renegade Tribune.Jewish Groups Condemn Black Live Matter After it Accused ‘Apartheid’ Israel of Palestinian ‘Genocide’

Earlier this week, Black Lives Matter and 60 of its affiliates issued a fresh set of demands calling for criminal justice reform, reparations, and an end to the death penalty, among other things. Included in the new policy platform was a section criticizing Israel of for its mistreatment of the Palestinian people.

Jewish supporters of the anti-police brutality movement didn’t take too kindly to the jab, however.

According to Haaretz, the document described Israel as an “apartheid state” committing “genocide” against the Palestinian people. The movement’s accusations has many in the Jewish community up in arms and ready to pull their support from Black Lives Matter.

“While we agree with many of the policy recommendations, we are extremely dismayed at the decision to refer to the Israeli occupation as genocide,” read a statement from T’ruah: The Rabbinic Call for Human Rights.

The majority of the policy agenda, released by the Movement for Black Lives, has nothing to do with Israel. But a portion of the document discussing foreign policy criticized the unrelenting support and American military aid to Israel.

Israel is “a state that practices systematic discrimination and has maintained a military occupation of Palestine for decades,” the document reads. “The US justifies and advances the global war on terror via its alliance with Israel and is complicit in the genocide taking place against the Palestinian people.”

Just last month, Pres. Obama approved one of the largest military aid packages the U.S. has ever given to another country. According to the Intercept, the U.S. already transfers about$3.1 billion in taxpayer money to Israel each year, but the new deal Obama signed “significantly raised” that amount. The funds are expected to last over a decade after the president leaves office, the news site states.

Now, the Movement for Black Lives, a sect of Black Lives Matter, is calling for the divestment, rather than investment, of U.S. funds into the Israeli occupation of Palestine.

Born out of protest against police brutality, Black Lives Matter has grown into an international movement bringing attention to the mistreatment and violence committed against Black bodies. Jewish activists have aligned with the anti-police brutality movement, joining the fight to end state-sanctioned violence against African-Americans. T’ruah is actually one of the many Jewish organizations that has stood in solidarity with Black Lives Matter, Haaretz reports. However, the organization fiercely refutes the idea that Israel has committed any form of genocide against the Palestinians.

“[Israeli] military occupation does not rise to the level of genocide—a term defined as “the intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnic, racial or religious group.'” T’rah said in a statement. “While we agree that the occupation violates the human rights of Palestinians, and has caused too many deaths, the Israeli government is not carrying out a plan intended to wipe out the Palestinians.”

The group’s controversial comments about Israel now has Jews, specifically Black Jews, struggling to find the right response. Some are even reconsidering their stance within the movement due to the offensive “language of its new platform.”

“It broke my heart,” said Stacey Aviva Flint, a student at Chicago’s Spertus Institute who is African-American and Jewish. “I understand what Zionism was about when it first started. You had a group of people who were seeking self determination. And self determination was also something that African-Americans desperately needed and wanted.”

Flint said that in the beginning, she really supported the movement, as she saw African-Americans being targeted by law enforcement. Now, she’s not so sure.

“This dashed my hopes,” she said.

According to Haaretz, Jews of color have taken center stage in a series of Black Lives Matter-inspired protests in and around New York City, the most recent of which was organized by The Jews of Color Caucus. The group, which is a smaller body within Jews for Racial and Economic Justice, recently staged a demonstration of more than 100 people in Downtown Brooklyn, the news site reports.

Amid backlash from the conservative Jewish community, Palestinian anti-occupation activists have backed the Black Lives Matter movement and its statements. Anti-occupation group IfNotNow accused the Jewish Community Relations Council (JCRC) of being a part of the “establishment” that puts roadblocks to peace and human rights between Israelis and Palestinians, Mondoweiss reports.

“JCRC’s statement distancing itself from the Movement for Black Lives because that movement dares to criticize the Israeli occupation provides further evidence of how out of touch the leadership of the American Jewish establishment truly is,” wrote IfNotNow members Ally Little and Michelle Weiser in an opinion piece for the Forward. ““JCRC is obstructing racial justice work, erasing black Jews, and attempting to maintain a status quo of Jews who are progressive on all issues except for Palestine.”

Some Left-wing Jewish groups have also followed suit in showing support of the Movement for Black Lives’ agenda. According to the Forward, Jewish Voice for Peace said it “endorses the Movement for Black Lives’ platform in its entirety, without reservation.”

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16 thoughts on “Black Jews Stood with ‘BLM’ Until It Questioned U.S.’ Unrelenting Support to Israel

  1. Cal Davis says:

    Great article, too small to read, but I was able to struggle through it and got the gist of it. I stand in support with the BLM and jews for peace and their suport for BLM'S agendas. Salome.

  2. Pam Palmer says:

    What makes me angriest about this whole thing is the fact that $3.1 billion taxpayer dollars for military aid has been sent to Israel EVERY YEAR, and now since the President signed a new aid package, that figure has been "significantly raised", and is enough to last ten years after he leaves office. Ten years translates to billions and billions of dollars that should be spent repairing and revitalizing places like Detroit, Camden, NJ, the south and west sides of Chicago, and any other cities in dire need of federal monies to rebuild and repair. This country is in bed with Israel for some ungodly reason and it is costing US big time.

  3. Nat Turner says:

    Not your fight, BLM! We need to focus on OUR fight. During the Nat Turner rebellion, they didn't stop and say "Oyah, and free Hong Kong from British rule!" Focus on the task at hand. We can our help ourselves, and then help them… Or we can try to help everyone at once, and end up helping no one.

  4. Tony Martin says:

    Puerto Rico received more than $6.5 billion annually in federal aid from the United States. Just to put things into perspective, and it offers no geographical advantage to the US.

  5. Tony Martin says:

    Ironically, Congress will stop aid to any third world nation that 'supports abortion'. Israel has the most liberal laws on abortion in the world. They should make up their minds on how they really feel on the subject. Personally, I feel the US should be supporting Israel, but it should be working to establish a proper nation for the Palestinians. Bill Clinton came very close to doing this, but was rejected – something they very much regret now.

  6. Pam Palmer says:

    Tony Martin It looks like Congress is burning the candle at both ends, then. Hypocritical as usual, and it's costing the American people a ton of money. Some kind of deal must have been struck after the war, because it just makes no sense. No one is ever allowed to criticize that country and it's behavior.

    Just the other day I saw a sickening video where some Israeli soldiers were menacing a little 8 year-old Palestinian girl because she had strayed on the wrong side of the street in a Jewish settlement. An eight year-old girl. Can you imagine? In similar video a couple of soldiers were doing the same thing to a little Palestinian boy of about 10 or 11, but one of them went so far as to kick that child. Yes, kicked. This means that some of that military aid that Congress is so generous with pays for those soldiers and their equipment. It also means that they support that kind of behavior.

  7. May West says:

    You mean the Communist Jewish George Soros backed BLM is cannabilizing itself? See, it's all fun and games in the objective to destroy Caucasian Gentiles countries until they start turning a critical eye on the Jews. Wait until they figure out who really dominated the slave trade. Christopher Columbus was a Spanish JEW by the way

  8. Pam Palmer says:

    Sitara Abraham You know NOTHING about what I will "find a way to rationalize". If a Palestinian actually did that (and I'd have to see the video to find out what was really going on because frankly, I suspect that you've left out some key information), I'd say that those soldiers had a responsibility to tell that parent to cease and desist immediately.

    This alleged incident does not, however, change the fact that there is a weird and unholy relationship between Israel and this country that defies all logic and rational debate. And it doesn't change the fact that all that money should have been and should be spent on critical problems right here at home.

  9. George Eini says:

    Instead of focusing on the black commun ity in the USA, they wonder off and bash Israel. It goes to show they are not serious and clearly racist / antisemitic themselves.

  10. George Eini says:


    You target Israel and don't seem to complain that billions are sent to Egypt.

    Oh that's OK.

  11. George Eini says:

    Pam Palmer

    Israel is not the only country receiving aid. Many other countries like Jordan, Egypt etc receive aid.

    But let's go bash Israel. We've been bashing them for 2,000 years.

  12. Pam Palmer says:

    George Eini I think that any country, including Israel, which targets any segment of its population and singles them out for abuse and terror deserves to be criticized and condemmed in the strongest possible terms. This whining about "we've been bashing them for 2000 years" business will not give them a pass, because wrong is wrong, and right is right. Their behavior is horrible and I see no reason why they should be considered too 'special' to criticize.
    And yes, I know about all the other countries that this government showers with taxpayer money. Some of them need and deserve it, some don't. But I think that at least some of those billions should be spent on our own people right here in the U.S. who are in the most need, like the homeless, the chronically unemployed, single mothers who need housing and jobs to take care of their families, those with crucial mental health issues who need the services that were destroyed by Ronald Reagan and his policy 'advisors'.

  13. Tony Martin Israel gets around $25 billion a year from the us government, however puerto rico is part of america though

  14. Sitara Abraham
    The vast majority of American aid and world aid is tied aid and has to be spent back on the donors own products. The money doesn't "come back in our economy". That is non-sense. They are giving away equipment and money. Does the American manufacturer get paid, sure, but not from Israel, from America. Israel gets electronic cash and free equipment.

    I do find it worrisome that you dejewinate the relation with Israel. It is true Hamas and Fatah receive aid but I do not believe it is anywhere near the level that Israel gets. many Americans don't understand why Israel is getting so much aid, when Israel is developed and a rich country, and Americans are suffering.

  15. Javari Nama says:

    Typical. Jews don't like blacks and we shouldn't like them. They started slavery and then screwed black natives out of our land in America with US Corporation legal fiction which kept blacks as slaves even after Emancipation with the Black Codes. It's always them.

  16. Pam Palmer says:

    Hernan Dayoleary Thanks for that informative post, Herman. But I seriously doubt the other commenter will read it, since her attention span can't handle too many "essays".

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