Watch: What This Black Officer Does to this Community Watchdog is Exactly Why More Private Citizens Should Film Cops


A Black Syracuse, New York man was released from jail Friday after filming two police officers during an arrest Thursday evening.

According to and Photography is Not a Crime, the man who filmed the cops —to ensure they remain within the limits of the law —-is Maurice “Mo” Crowley.

The community watchdog is an anti-violence activist and member of the Older Gentleman Against Violence.

Crowley was filming Thursday when the Black officer spotted and called him out.

In the video, viewers can see the officer coming toward Crowley in a menacing way.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t hear you,” Crowley replies after the officer commands him to come here.

The phone drops and the visual is blurred.

“Don’t f**king move, understand me,” the cop says as he puts handcuffs on the man. “Don’t f**king move or I’m going to f**k you up. I told you to stop f**king coming around here.”

Then a second officer approaches Crowley assisting in the arrest.

The officers claimed the man did a “circle motion” with his hands and made “tornado comments” threatening them.

Now, the man is free.

However, Crowley has been charged with resisting arrest and obstructing government administration.

He is due back in court on August 25.

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