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Man Who Uploaded #AltonSterling Video Still Paying a Price, Has Not Been Allowed Back to Work

After uploading the video of Baton Rouge, Louisiana police killing Alton Sterling on July 5, Christoper LeDay has been arrested and not allowed back to work.

According to Fox 5 Atlanta, LeDay revealed in a Thursday news conference that he has not been allowed back to work at Dobbins Air Reserve Base due to security-clearance issues. He was working security for only a month when the chaos surrounding the video occurred.

Atlanta Black Star reported that LeDay was arrested by 10 officers at the Marietta, Georgia base within 24 hours of posting the video.

Now, the 34-year-old has recruited attorney Tiffany Simmons to represent him as he tries to get his job back.

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79 thoughts on “Man Who Uploaded #AltonSterling Video Still Paying a Price, Has Not Been Allowed Back to Work

  1. Andrew Jones says:

    Arrested for what

  2. Please someone hire this guy

  3. File for unemployment benefits or go to The Department of Human Resources…

  4. Atif Nadeem says:

    Trump Puts White People Back on Top as the Republicans Become the Party of White Pride and Nationalism

  5. Is there a GoFundMe?? We need to support him!

  6. Shayla Ivry says:

    I would sue them and I wouldn't even want to work for someone that's that low-down…

  7. Lisa Neal says:

    Let's start the Go Fund Me account

  8. If one is started please message me.

  9. Melvin Wrack says:

    When has videotaping a crime has been illegal it's a sad time when you expose criminal activity get you locked up

  10. We will have an official account at Citizens Trust Bank Monday

  11. German Yael says:

    Which he addmitted on the new he did earn just never knew he could be arrested for…after acertain amount you can be which he had long past

  12. If he gets his job back he will be the first shipped out to a war zone and sent to flush out snipers.

  13. This is also a great opportunity for black business owners/managers to offer this man steady employment.

  14. Joey White says:

    What's wrong with the female attorney he has hired? Brother, you might want to delete your comment before someone mistakes you as being sexist or something.

  15. Please post the info when an acct. is set up. So I can pass it along and help out.

  16. German Yael says:

    He was locked up for unpaid parking tickets

  17. Arrested for what? Challenging White Supremacy and White violence against Black people with a camera video? Yeah don't worry bro, us Black people got your back.

  18. Tiffany M Simmons that's a great venture. I also hope its black owned. That will be even better.

  19. Mary Mackey says:

    These are some racist folks, we need change now!!!!

  20. Laura Gabe says:

    ***"Rob Schuck
    July 13 at 7:29pm ·

    Normally, I don't post things like this, but I felt I had to call bullshit on the story Chris LeDay is trying to feed the media.

    If one reads (and more importantly, understands) the entire article, one would find out that Mr. LeDay was not arrested for posting his video, or for "being black," as he seemingly claims. Instead, he was arrested because he applied for a base pass, and was flagged when his criminal background check (which everyone who applies for a pass to a military installation submits to) showed he had an outstanding warrant for unpaid parking fines (to the tune of over $1,000 by the looks of things). As is normally the case, Security Forces took him into custody, then turned him over to local authorities.

    And for the record, I'm someone who sponsors well over 100 people (on long-term passes alone) onto a military installation during any given year, and have been doing so for well over a decade, so I've got a pretty good idea as to how the process works."***

  21. Latisha M. Bonnett There is a go fund me account for him, I just donated.

  22. Why is it the police' fault that he had a warrant for his arrest and can't pass the security clearance for the military?

  23. He got "locked up" because he had a warrant for his arrest for having over $1000 worth of unpaid parking tickets. It is sad that he thought he could avoid paying them.

  24. Ray Pickett says:

    they guy was arrested because he had warrants. turns out if you are wanted by police it's not a good idea to upload video's and make your life public if you are already hiding from police.

  25. Yea, if you get the money to pay his $1000 worth of unpaid parking tickets then he will pass the background check and get back on the base.

  26. People are so stupid, he applied for secirty clearance and a background check discovered he had an outstanding warrant, even if he were white and never recorded anything he would have been arrested. Have outstanding warrants and get pulled over for a speeding ticke then you're going to jail!

  27. Thank you for the clarification!

  28. or at least make him pay his tickets…god knows i had to pay mine…

  29. Chris Thomas says:

    @Melvin Wrack No, it's sad when someone like you fails to comprehend the real reason he was arrested. It's even more sad that you're more than likely taking his side because you're both black.

  30. How is it police misconduct to arrest someone who didn't pay over $1000 worth of parking tickets and drove with a suspended license?

  31. Barbara Ellis if the warrant is legit then it's not the police fault then the police should not be sued.

  32. Kevin Woelffel , nah. You have to rack up at least $1000 worth of tickets, get caught and then whine that it wasn't your fault. Even then, I think you are on your own. lol

  33. Barbara Ellis I want some handouts too.

  34. over $1000 in unpaid tickets. military policy to revoke security clearences under those circumstances..

  35. for most jobs…thsi involved a REQUIRED security clearnece…which are revoked under these circumstances.

  36. Why was he arrested? Why were 10 officers sent for the task? Intimidation for exposing those two killer cops. I hope he can sue them. Police departments will have to listen if the continually get sued.

  37. He applied for security clearance and a warrant was flagged! He wasn't arrested for being black or for recording. They would have taken the same exact action if he were white and never recorded anything. Can't work on a reserve base without security clearance!

  38. god forbid it was actually about him not paying overdue fines, and requirements to keep security clearences! Damn tha man!

  39. if i get a parking ticket…you gonna start one for me too?

  40. Rashid Raj Malcolm-Tilmon , I agree with they should not be sued. You stated that he should sue the police for lost wages. I was just curious why you thought he should.

  41. Barbara Ellis I was speaking to people saying that he should sue the military when they are following procedure and if could or should sue it would be the police but that would assume that the warrant was made up or he was the wrong person. So he can do no action until the legal matter is done.

  42. is that so he can pay his parking tickets before they get to be over $1000? Why do they have to be black business owners? cant they be people trying to help people?

  43. yeah, god forbid he pay his outstanding parking tickets of over $1000. Its military policy to revoke a security clearence under those circumstances. Not racisim

  44. Paula Brown says:

    Barbara Ellis Well he had a job do he could pay them but now thats been interrupted by the keystone kops!!

  45. Kay Harrison says:

    Law, parking, else, those (fat-fingering). Geez!!!

  46. I'm confuses because OBVIOUSLY HE had all those parking tickets WHILE working there BEFORE he recorded the video. Now ALL OF A SUDDEN AFTER HE RELEASES THE VIDEO, he's arrested. Umm. #StayWoke

  47. Tf, they do BACKGROUND checks before you get hired, so now all of a sudden his parking tickets were important… Lol I guess the came up with anything to bother him for exposing them.. Smh

  48. T.S. Eliot
    “The last act is the greatest treason. To do the right deed for the wrong reason.”

    Timing everything here. 1,000.00 in fines — did not happen overnight.

  49. : Yawn : that guy's reply is so tired. We are on a site which publishes news and narratives regarding the African Diaspora but clearly we will still have to be subjected to " what about me" …" aren't we are all just people" and "all business owners lives matter" bullshit. SMH .

  50. Laura that military base pass thing ain't flying with me. It states he was working there for s month already. So SF and who never did his contract to work on base should've done the background check already. I've worked with enough contractors in bases with EALs to know that if they're not cleared they can't work on base. So did those warrants pop out the blue in one month? Nope I'm not buying that story unless you were there and saw the warrants pop up on SF monitor when he applied for a pass. If he was already working there for a month like the settle states that means he didn't have those tickets on his record. Now the arrest is what would cause his cleAranxe to be on pause until he can turn in documentation to SF showing all charges have been dropped then he can get his pass to go back to work.

  51. Furthermore when have you EVER KNOWN 10 police to come and get someone who has unpaid tickets

  52. Kay Harrison Bloomsburg,PA unpaid parking tickets will result in a warrant if you avoid them. Which he clearly did if he had over a 1000. I've had a warrant for 120 parking ticket. So you need an example there you fo. Also most of PA is the same way. Philadelphia will boot your car suspend your license then eventually do a warrant. Now your laws.

  53. Exactly….but ppl are to blind to see that….they always looking for a way to vilify the victims…..

  54. He had already been working there for over a month the article says so they would have known about any existing warrant before he began working….that story doesn't hold much weight….

  55. Ruby Bratton says:

    These Bitter dried up ugly pecker neck freaks. It all boil down to the same thing, they are so insanely jealousy of us!

  56. Ruby Bratton says:

    He should set up a Go Fund me account we will help.

  57. Ruby Bratton omg u are so stupid it actually hurts my brain. I actually support #BLM but u are just insufferable. He's already said this twice now, but the warrant supposedly came up in a background check that was run on him because of his new security job. Somebody else made the point tho about why it took so long to arrest him for this "warrant" given that the background check was done well over a month ago. Does seem like very suspicious timing. And why did they need 10 cops to arrest him?

  58. Laura Gabe says:

    Ruby Bratton …"he was arrested because he applied for a base pass, and was flagged when his criminal background check (which everyone who applies for a pass to a military installation submits to) showed he had an outstanding warrant for unpaid parking fines (to the tune of over $1,000 by the looks of things). As is normally the case, Security Forces took him into custody, then turned him over to local authorities."

  59. Janine Aiken says:

    Michael Allen But he'd worked on the base for a MONTH! It would be reasonable to believe that they'd found nothing that would prohibit him from working on the base in his background check. That or the AF did a piss poor job of vetting this man. If that's the case, I'm worried for the men and women who serve.

  60. Kay Harrison says:

    Barbara Ellis site the flippin kaw that states $1,000 in oarking tickets equates to an arrest warrant vs the state simply not renewing your driver's license or anything ekse until thos fines are paid. You don't REALLY believe that do you???

  61. Zakiya Bediako – so if someone comes to this public site, and offers a viewpoint which differes from yours, then you will throw a little fit, call out the color of the skin of the writer, and that's it? No attempt to exercise your brain, and provide good solid reasons why you believe only black owners/managers should step up and hire this person? You commented that Kevin Woefuls' reply was "tired". How would you characterize yours? I leave you with a quote from a great thinker, which if I could suggest anything for you, it would be to actually start thinking past "it's all about you".

    "Rarely do we find men who willingly engage in hard, solid thinking. There is an almost universal quest for easy answers and half-baked solutions. Nothing pains some people more than having to think."

  62. T.S. Eliot
    “The last act is the greatest treason. To do the right deed for the wrong reason.”

  63. Chris McNeil says:

    Zakiya, why would the business owner/manager need to be black?

  64. If Mr. LeDay's statements are true, why would it take 10 officers to arrest 1 man over unpaid parking tickets?

  65. Fay Ramsay says:

    Kuwana Norman . Exactly.

  66. Rara So'Gayy So'Solid I was active duty AF for 9 years. When I first came in it took a very long time to complete my security clearance. I was already done with basic training and tech school, and was at my first duty location before my clearance was finished. Security clearances take time to be approved. It's not a regular background check. When you are filling out the paperwork, you are supposed to list EVERYTHING on there… Then it all comes back, an investigator comes and talks to you about things that come up… I'm not sure of the process for hiring civilians, but I'm pretty sure it is the same way. They might do a basic background check, and might have missed something, I don't know… But why do we always have to find ways to victimize people that break the law? It's not the AFs fault…. During the time of background check it might not have been to the point of a warrant either.. You never know with these situations until you are given ALL the facts. We don't have all the facts, yet we all jump to a conclusion that there is a big conspiracy out against him. Also, don't believe everything you hear from the media. They like to play everyone against each other…

  67. So u are saying that it took them a month to find out he had parking tickets, are u serious right now, nackground checks do not take that long even if u have an out of state check

  68. What really happened was… After he uploaded the video they went digging into his background. They found this information and had him arrested. Smear campaign. They let people work on bases without properly doing a thorough background??!?? Now I'm even more concerned for our troops that live there!!

  69. Ruby Bratton says:

    He said in 24 hours they came on his job and arrested him. They are hot because he recorded them plain and simple .

  70. Typical police/justice/prison industrial processing of another poor, black body for profit. When you are poor, $10 or $20 for parking every day is unaffordable. The fines are exorbitant. If he was Donald Trump, the Clerk of the Court would be glad to get .40 on the dollar, like Trump done to his creditors at least 4 times. So, they turned another poor black working person into a revolving door scofflaw providing employment, profits and amusement for cops, guards, lawyers, judges, support personnel, and private jail and security companies. Now he loses his job, putting him in that much more jeopardy of being arrested again for something. What a cruel system this is. Nobody, btw, believes there's no connection between his arrest and the video. They may say they don't think so (Rob S.), but nobody is really that credulous.

  71. Kay Harrison In Georgia, any failure to appear or pay a citation on time can result in an arrest warrant being issued. It is a bench warrant, and you will be put in a police car, and taken in front of a judge. You will be asked to explain why you chose not to appear before the court, and why you chose not to pay the fine.

  72. Rara So'Gayy So'Solid – ha ha, funny how it's everyone elses fault that he got so many parking tickets!

  73. Ray Pickett says:

    Rara So'Gayy So'Solid amazing you sound as if cops should just let blacks break any law they want because of their skin color. Racism at it's worst. Sorry equal rights means the law applies equally. $1000.00 in parking fines is a lot of parking fines….

  74. Ruby Bratton says:

    because I posted to Laura Gabe not you. So long? 24 hours so long? I don't give cracker neck assumptions credit. I will repeat: Why was he arrested period? He did not kill no one they did! He recorded it that's why they ran a make on him and arrested him. So your feelings about anything. What made you tell me about BLM you assume I run the program you are stupid. Still the Police was wrong to arrest him period!

  75. Ruby Bratton says:

    James your Cracker neck opinion mean nothing to me, I don't care what you think tell someone who cares.

  76. Ruby Bratton says:

    Brett, How can someone give you a brain ache when they are not talking to you? You would have to be revelant to give me any feeling about anything you are talking about. I don't care!

  77. Keisha Gregg says:

    A Lawyer , man keep it moving you been working there for a month only..move foward and find another position…straight foward n real simple!!!

  78. Vic Will says:

    Actually due to the 5.5 million federal employee's information being leaked. The process God getting a CAC takes much longer and most security clearances aren't completed until three months into the employment unless you are need a top secret or secret clearance and a direct hire for federal employment. Contractors are hired totally different and they have to be sponsored, that process takes time and oftentimes people are working months before getting a CAC. THIS IS FACT NOT MYTH. While I sympathize with him and know this situation placed him under a microscope, the truth is…he shouldn't have even been hired with a criminal record. Someone didn't do their job.

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