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This Missouri Police Chief Completely Steals The Show at CNN’s Town Hall With a Blistering Reminder of KKK’s Role in Law Enforcement

A Black police chief reveals startling connections between the Ku Klux Klan and law enforcement in Wednesday’s CNN Town Hall “Black, White, and Blue: America 2016” on race and police brutality.

Kinloch, Missouri police chief Col. K.L. Williams does not shy away from accusations claiming that the KKK has been infiltrating police departments around the country.

“When you graduate from that police academy, I guarantee, that you will be indoctrinated in a philosophy that if you don’t tow the line you are going to have some problems,” says Williams. “If you think that racism and white supremacy is not involved in police departments, you better check yourself.”

The Missouri top cop adds, “The KKK has been involved in law enforcement from when it started.”

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19 thoughts on “This Missouri Police Chief Completely Steals The Show at CNN’s Town Hall With a Blistering Reminder of KKK’s Role in Law Enforcement

  1. Thank you for speaking the truth.

  2. Tarsha Watts says:

    Patricia Penaflor is there an investment require

  3. the idiom is referred to is 'toe the line'
    'tow the line'
    which may serve well in a completely different context.

  4. People cunfose toe the line with carrying water all the time.

  5. He hit the nail on the head. Infiltration of police departments by Oath Keepers, KKK and other anti-goverment and white supremacist organizations is rife. I believe the colonel cited a federal study to that effect. Where's the program to rid police departments of that subculture?

    If you want to fight black people, you become a cop.

  6. Kay Reid says:

    And people wonder why it's hard for people of color to trust police.

  7. He is exactly right, the Klan were law enforcers by day and Klansmen by night.

  8. Dan Moore says:

    Yeah, right. My Dad retired Det Lt there, uncle Acting Chief and both agree you're "full of it". In reality the Dept is mostly black and you yourself made Battalion Chief as a black man. Stop making up stories to fit an agenda.

  9. Blacks in the south back in the day always knew this. Calling the cops was like asking a lynching party (especially telling on a white person), to come and lynch me later. Unfortunately this code of silence has hurt and hinder more than it helped..

  10. Dan Moore you better catch a clue….i think it's funny how white people keep trying to tell us it's just our imagination or a "coincidence" when we say this shit but it gets proven we're right!

  11. A New Direction: Black Industrial Firm Invests 100K in African-American Start-Up Because ‘Black Businesses Should Pull Others Forward’

  12. If you can't be gang affliated why can you be KKK affliated and a cop

  13. KKK…America's first police force… back to Jim Crow's birthday 😉

  14. If gang members can't be cops why are KKK members ALLOWED!!!!

  15. Pardon me but these are NOT just accusations, these are easily verified facts.

  16. Because they keep it hidden.

  17. And yet blacks still vote democratic like little shackled sheep.

  18. Because the democratic party does what they please, because the people are too stupid to see past the lies they tell.

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