Chicago’s Former Top Cop Perfectly Explained Black People’s Grievances with Rigged Judicial System Without Even Realizing It

In a July 8 interview with ABC 7 Chicago, former Chicago Police Department Superintendent Garry McCarthy says the Black Lives Matter movement has created an atmosphere of “lawlessness” toward police in the wake of the Dallas police ambush last week.

McCarthy states that he was “outraged” and “disgusted that our country is in this state.” The former top cop goes on to blame the popularity of the Black Lives Matter movement as  the main reason for the ambush last Thursday where five officers were killed and seven were wounded.

“People talk about peaceful protest; not all of them are peaceful,” he explains. “Right before I was fired, I had officers assaulted time and time again at protests, and we could not get them prosecuted. We are fostering a climate of non-compliance with the law.”

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