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The Impact of Black Male Mentorship: 16-Year-Old Compton Pilot on Track to Break Guinness World Record

A 16-year-old Compton, California airplane pilot wants to make history and enter the Guinness World Records by being the first Black solo pilot to fly around the world at 18.

In a profile with Los Angeles’ Fox 11, Isaiah Cooper is currently on a weeklong flight around the United States that will prepare him for his global feat in two years.

According to the profile, the young man has been part of Tomorrow’s Aeronautical Museum since he was 5. Isaiah improved his grades, learned to fly and plans to make a mark on the world.

His mentor, Robin Petgrave, founder and Executive Director of TAM, has assisted Isaiah through the process.

“When I fly I feel invincible, like I’m on the top of the world. I love it,” Isaiah says.

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