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White Woman Lunges at Black Dog Owner and Gets the Most Unexpected Response

A Miami, Florida woman recorded video of a white woman who was following and harassing her as she walked her dog Sunday, July 3.

In the viral clip posted on Twitter, Rayne Burse asks the elderly woman if she was trespassing on her property.

The older woman replied “no” but continues to say that Burse was from “South Miami,” implying that she is from a bad, Black part of town. You can hear the phrases “I am going to report you” and “You’re in it” in the nearly 1-minute clip.

At one point the elderly woman reaches out and tries to assault Burse. However, Burse defends herself. Then the woman begins to play the victim asking why Burse hit her.

Mic spoke to Burse about the incident Tuesday. According to Burse, “She kept following me talking crazy.” She also told Mic that the property did not belong to the woman.

Eventually, the woman was arrested for assaulting Burse on the spot.

There is also video of the arrest:

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