Usher Selling Limited Edition ‘Don’t Trump America’ Shirt, But His Political Statement Splits Fans



Jesse Williams was not the only one who made a political statement at the 2016 BET Awards June 26. R&B singer Usher performed his newest single, “No Limit,” with Young Thug at Sunday night’s ceremony and many took notice of his shirt, which read “Don’t Trump America.” Now, he has partnered with the Teespring custom apparel company to sell the shirt online for a limited time.

The Grammy-winner announced the shirt was for sale on his social media accounts June 28 saying, “You all asked for this. Here it is. Be the change you want to see. #DontTrumpAmerica.”

Fans had mixed reactions about the sale, with some celebrating the decision and others sharing their disapproval.

“I was wondering what that shirt said,” Sharletta Shepard wrote on Instagram. “Right on brother!!!!!! Plus your performance was off the CHAINNNNNG….”

But fellow IG user Sherree Weaver disagreed. She let Usher know she no longer supported him, writing, “just lost a fan & follower. #politics #badmove.”

On Facebook, there was a similar divide.

“I am unfollowing u because of that jacket!” wrote Mariam Sophia Kirk. “Usher, u are not good in politics so just do your music and don’t try to be Madonna #Trump2016.”

“I’m with you, Usher all the way,” Lisa Lewis wrote in support of the star’s political leanings.

The Trump shirt is sold on Teespring’s website, which says it will be available until July 5 in either green or black. Aside from the t-shirt design, a hoodie, women’s tank top and tee are also for sale. Prices range from $15 to $25.

Ever the charitable superstar, Usher is donating “Don’t Trump America” apparel profits to charity. Proceeds will go toward aiding increased education in underprivileged minority communities throughout the United States and Latin America. All funds raised will be split equally between Usher’s New Look charity and Pencils for Promise.

UNL was founded in 1999 with the goal to engage “disconnected youth to find a path to leadership and help them make career choices that match their passion,” according to the website. Pencils for Promise gives children access to quality education by creating schools, programs and communities around the world with a focus on learning.

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