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Watch: This Poet Has a Brilliant Response to White Progressives Who Shield Their Racism with Niceties

At a May 13 concert in Portland, Oregon, poet and educator J Mase III performs “When White People Tell Me They’re Progressive” at the Reconciling Ministries Network Benefit Concert to expose fake white allies.

In the video clip, the poet calls out white people who claim they care but remain silent as injustice happens to Black people. Here is an excerpt:

“I hear

Black Muslim teenager pushed off high school building

I hear

white silence

I hear

white noise

Only the TV is the political system

and I can’t reach in deep enough to turn it down

I hear

me screaming to be seen

at white folks

that only see nice

That are more offended by my usage of the word fuck

then the fact that the police pulled a gun on me last week for laughing too loud while Black”

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