Suge Knight Sues Chris Brown over VMA Shooting, Says He’s Had Complications from Injuries

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E! Online

Chris Brown has been sued by Suge Knight after a 2014 party shooting hosted by the singer that wounded the Death Row Records co-founder. Knight said he has had complications from his injuries.

In documents filed in Los Angeles Superior Court Monday, Knight accuses Brown and the owners of 1OAK nightclub of having inadequate security and letting at least one armed person into the venue at the time of the event.

“As a result of the negligence of the defendants, one or more unknown individuals were allowed access to the event with weapons, including firearms,” the lawsuit stated. “As a foreseeable result, gunshots were fired by those admitted into the event and (Knight) was shot and seriously injured.”

The suit goes on to blame Chris Brown’s lengthy history of violence – hinting at his 2009 assault on Rihanna – and accuses the R&B star of having gang relations.

The Associated Press reports Knight was shot three times in the left forearm, abdomen and chest. His complications include blood clots, as he stated in court hearings for an unrelated murder charge.

Knight’s lawyers say their client’s fear after the shooting caused him to flee from attackers in his pickup truck in January 2015. The former record label CEO ran over two men outside a Compton, California burger stand in the process, ultimately killing Terry Carter and critically injuring Cle “Bone” Sloan.

They added the 51-year-old was acting in self-defense since Sloan was punching Knight through his vehicle window.

One of his attornies, J. Tooson, gave a statement explaining that the record producer was still recovering from injuries at the night club.

“Mr. Knight was still extremely frail from his gunshot injuries less than five months earlier,” Tooson said. “When the facts are finally revealed in this case, we’re certain it will be apparent that our client was simply trying to flee for his life.”

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