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‘A Modern Day Lynching:’ Mississippi Man Allegedly Shot by Officer, Maimed by Police Dog

Antwun Shumpert, 37, was fatally shot by a Tupelo Police Officer on June 18, 2016. RYAN JULISON

Antwun Shumpert, 37, was fatally shot by a Tupelo Police officer on June 18, 2016. RYAN JULISON

The Mississippi Bureau of Investigation is probing the disturbing circumstances surrounding a police shooting that left an unarmed Black man dead and disfigured by a K-9 dog.

Antwun “Ronnie” Shumpert, 37, was pulled over by an officer for a routine traffic stop around 9:38 p.m. on June 18 when he suddenly exited his vehicle and ran, according to the Tupelo Police Department. The officer and his canine unit companion pursued Shumpert on foot and discovered him under a house in the Lee Acres neighborhood. Shumpert then emerged from hiding to attack the officer and was shot during the struggle, the City of Tupelo said in a press release.

The father of five died of injuries hours later at the North Mississippi Medical Center in Tupelo.

Members of the local NAACP joined municipal leaders for a media conference two days after the shooting, the Northeast Mississippi Daily Journal reports. During which, Tupelo officials provided preliminary details — including Shumpert’s outstanding felony arrest warrant. However, Mayor Jason Shelton did not tell reporters whether the suspect was armed or how many times he was shot, citing “ongoing investigations.” Tupelo-Lee County NAACP president Rev. Chris Traylor urged residents to withhold judgements and comments until investigations have completed.

An attorney representing Shumpert’s family held a press conference Monday to offer “new information” on the incident. Grenada lawyer Carlos Moore said eyewitness accounts obtained as part of his own investigations were inconsistent with officials’ claims that Shumpert instigated a tussle with the officer. Onlookers said the man was attempting to surrender to police voluntarily when the dog viciously attacked him in the groin. As he was trying to defend himself, spectators heard four shots, WTVA reports. Moore said the officer shot Shumpert three times in the chest and once in the abdomen.

During the conference, Moore displayed enlarged photos of Shumpert’s injuries. The graphic images showed a gaping wound on the victim’s testicles and deep lacerations across his body.

Moore also questioned the original motive for the traffic stop, as according to the attorney, Shumpert fled from the vehicle before the officer approached. Moore said the officer did not ask for identification and could not have known who he was chasing.

Moore condemned the department for failing to release the name of the officer involved, who has been placed on administrative leave while the MBI reviews the case.

“If the chief of police doesn’t have the intestinal fortitude to fire the officer, then he should resign,” Moore said, per the Daily Journal. “We are giving the city 72 hours to respond.”

Moore said if the department refused, the team would call for the mayor’s resignation and file a federal civil rights lawsuit.

“We believe the officer just went berserk,” Moore said in an interview with ThinkProgress. “It was a modern day lynching.”

Moore told the publication he was not aware of the officer’s reasons for releasing the K-9, noting that officers are permitted to use the dogs in searches for suspected felons.

“What we do know is that at the time that Mr. Shumpert was being chased, he was not a suspected felon,” Moore said. “They didn’t even know his name. It was a simple traffic stop.”

In addition, Moore said, he did not understand why the officer decided to shoot Shumpert after the animal had already apprehended the suspect and essentially rendered him defenseless.

“It whipped and mutilated and annihilated this man. He tore his body to shreds, basically,” Moore said. “It’s just horrible the way it was done.”

“Why are you then going to turn around and execute him in cold blood?” he added. “He could not have been a threat to anyone.”

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34 thoughts on “‘A Modern Day Lynching:’ Mississippi Man Allegedly Shot by Officer, Maimed by Police Dog

  1. Haywood Ware says:

    This didn't surprise me coming from Tupelo, MS.

  2. Yes, another manufactured story by police to cover themselves for this brutal, vicious overkill. And, of course, the cop made sure Shumpert would not be around to speak to what really happened.

  3. Why did he run? You can't be serious! Where have you been, in the Twilight Zone? Blacks don't fare well after being stopped by police. On many occasions they end up dead—even if they stay put. For many, just getting out of the vehicle after being pulled-over equals a death sentence. So either you stay and be killed or try to survive by running.

  4. "Shumpert then emerged from hiding to attack the officer and was shot during the struggle"

  5. Ettenaej Elbon I live in Tupelo.

  6. Ettenaej Elbon No not in the twilight zone. Mostly in reality, though sometimes I take a turn into fantasy. Before you make decisions about my personal beliefs, let me say, this young man did not deserve his fate. The article is vague and does offer a reason that this young man choose to run at a random traffic stop. We should not assume that every white police officer in America has an agenda when it comes to young black men. Police are humans. They have to make decisions based on spur of the moment actions. Sometimes those decisions turn out to be the wrong ones. Hopefully more information on this case will be presented so that people can make an informed decision. If the officer is found to be guilty, then I hope he is punished. But odds are we will never know the whole truth about what actually happened.

  7. Jeremy Lewis says:

    Ettenaej Elbon none of what any of us is reading is any type of official statement by persons actully involved. Its all speculation right now. So the actual manufactured story you speak of is the media! not any one else.

  8. Jeremy Lewis says:

    Please elaberate on your meaning?

  9. Shae Barnes says:

    Maybe we would have found out had he not been killed. You are definitely part of the problem

  10. Andy Jones says:

    If he was surrendering why didn't he do that to start with ? I'm thinking he want surrendering but attacking the officer .

  11. he emerged to attack or to surrender WE do not know!

  12. Shae Barnes I beg to differ. I judge each and every situation based on its merits. I look at the evidence before jumping to conclusions. You should try it sometime.

  13. Why ask such a question? If he was surrendering why didn't he do that to start with? Who can answer that for you?

  14. Why did he run because we still live in a racist nation and to me whether he ran or stood still is not the point he was unarmed and was mutilated by a dog then shot where is the justice in that ????? So if i run from the police i should die? Really! It doesn't omatter that he ran people run all day from the police for just this reason they do not want to die!

  15. Lydia Keepingitreal Humphrey I don't know why being stopped for a dragging tailpipe had to turn into this. Yes, I'm sure there was some kind of outstanding warrent, and thats "why" he ran, but it would have been far better to land in jail than dead. I'm sad for Antwun, but you can't attack a police officer. (That is the officers statement.)

  16. Ettenaej Elbon You cannot make generalized statements like this and expect to be taken seriously. Not every traffic stop of a black citizen ends in death. In fact very few traffic stops end in death. By making this type of statement you encourage fear. It reminds me of statements like "all black youth in hoods are thugs". It's just not true. The media fueled frenzy is pitting blacks against whites when we should be trying to create a force of humans dedicated to educating and encouraging our children to go out a become responsible Americans. Stop the division. Stop listening to the mouthpieces and learn to accept each other.

  17. Come on, folks. We've all had dogs. This was a police dog trained to subdue. The guy was hiding under a house. Put 2 and 2 together. The dog attacked as it was trained to do. The man fought against the dog, understandably. The officer got involved due to the ongoing battle and still the man did not stop fighting. He knew this man was a murderous felon because he'd already done a license plate analysis. The felon is the one making the decision to fight and not be arrested. The policeman was doing his job. Nothing more, nothing less.

  18. why did he get killed? that is the bigger question. Are whites clueless or ignorant? that is the even bigger question. Police are PAID to protect us-not to kill us.

  19. Chris Wheat says:

    Sounds pretty self-explanatory to me.

  20. Cory Jones says:

    Your not getting the full story from this. Sir. Moore is a racist and his doesn't tell you that the officer and the k 9 was beaten so bad they couldn't hardly work his was fighting for his life. Sir Moore don't seem to talk about that.

  21. John Fox says:

    Play stupid games and win stupid prizes……

  22. How many words did you write about Jessica Chambers who was murdered by a black man when he set her on fire and burned 98% of her body? He's nothing but trash.

  23. This report is full of lies and falsehoods. I would be ashamed to even call myself a journalist if I worked for this publication. I suggest you do your homework and get the facts before you impune the dignity of people you do not know and assist a fraud in spreading lies. Mr. Moore is fully aware that the investigation is ongoing and is being monitored by the FBI. He is hoping he can enflame the public with his own fantasy narrative before the truth is revealed since he will have no facts to back his claims at that point. Unfortunately, he has a reputation for being very loose with the truth. I suggest you do your own investigation into Mr. Moore before you trust anything else he says.

  24. He ran because he had an outstanding warrant on himself and didn't want to get caught. Had he obeyed the officer and remained at his vehicle, he would have been arrested and taken to jail and be alive today. There was a passenger in the car with him who did as he was asked by police. They questioned him, determined that he had broken no laws, and released him.

  25. You are correct, sir. He attacked both the officer and the K9. Both had to be treated for injuries suffered during the struggle.

  26. Bradley Harger, so a "man" that burns a young girl alive isn't trash? You're a moron.

  27. Lydia Keepingitreal Humphrey We know he RAN rather than face the music for his previous infraction against the law. Had he stayed in the car, and took his medicine, he would be alive.

  28. Jeremy Lewis Something something institunitonal racism.

  29. Lydia Keepingitreal Humphrey SO instead of complying you will evade, thats sure to end well. lol

  30. Kwabena Adjei Which they did, they shot and killed a person with felony warrants who ran from then attacked the police.

  31. I take note that the passenger that stayed in the car… was unharmed.

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