Bill O’Reilly Insinuates the Nation of Islam Stole from Muhammad Ali, Minister Farrakhan Swiftly Shut Him Down

After the death of boxing legend Muhammad Ali on June 3, Fox News‘ Bill O’Reilly insinuated that the Nation of Islam and its leader, the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, stole money from Ali. This week, Minister Louis Farrakhan responded to the conservative host’s claims.

In the clip, Farrakhan begins to talk about Ali’s bold stance against the federal government when he refused to go to Vietnam. Farrakhan says:

“At that time, they took his title, stripped him, he couldn’t fight. Elijah Muhammad took him, taught him, put him out as a minster in the Nation. [Ali] toured colleges and universities all around this nation and the honorariums he got enabled him to live.”

Farrakhan calls O’Reilly a low down “Caucasian fellow” right before defending the Nation.

“Can you imagine a theft that robbed the whole damn world telling some Black people what they took … They took us. You’re looking at a world robber … The Honorable Elijah Muhammad supported him.”


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