Where Does LeBron James Rank Among Top NBA Players? ‘If He Quit Right Now He’d Be Better Than Kobe’

On yesterday’s episode of Fox SportsThe Herd with Colin Cowherd, sports journalist Nick Wright and host Colin Cowherd continue the annual tradition of picking the best NBA players of all time after the championship game. In this clip, they talk about where Cleveland Cavaliers star LeBron James lands on their top 10.

In the clip from Tuesday’s episode, Wright believes that James is a better scorer and defender than Bryant could ever be.

“He averages more points, averages more rebounds, averages more assists, more steals, [and] more blocks — oh yeah James shoots at a higher percentage,” Wright explains. “James has been the best player on three championship teams. Kobe has been the best player twice.”

The sports writer goes as far to say that James could stop playing right now and be better.

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