Mizzou Activist Calls Out White Audience’s Hypocritical Attendance at Vigil for Orlando Victims, Their Reaction is Appalling

At a vigil Monday on the University of Missouri campus honoring the victims of the Orlando massacre, an activist calls out the white audience members for not showing up to the Concerned Student 1950 rallies last year.

In the 5-minute video, University of Missouri graduate Tiffany Melecio walks up to the mic and immediately tells the majority-white crowd that she wishes this many people came out to their racial demonstrations.

By the 1-minute mark, the young activist asks the crowd “who are they really here for” before reading out a list of stats on race. Then a female voice says that “we’re here for everybody.”

A male from the crowd begins yelling at the speaker, demanding that she stop dividing the audience by race.

“We all have to live on this earth,” the man says as security escorts him away.


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