Bank of America Employee’s Racist Facebook Rant Causes Her to Lose Her Job


Facebook screen shot collage of Christine Mcmullen Lindgren’s profile and status update.


After an Atlanta Bank of America employee posted a racist tirade on Facebook, the woman has been terminated. Christine Mcmullen Lindgren worked as a personal banker at the company according to her page on the social media site. In her rant, she repeatedly used the N-word to refer to African-Americans and commanded that they “go back to Africa.”

“I hate Facebook for this reason you f——- n—— and yes if [you] can call each other that well I can too,” Lindgren wrote earlier this week. “F—— n—— go back to Africa get over your pity party.”

“You created this hatred and your own kind that brought your great great grandparents over here and sold them,” she continues. “Do something with your lives and your children’s lives I’m sure you don’t work collect welfare and teach hatred your poor children all 5 of them you can’t afford because I pay for them.”

Though it is unclear what led Lindgren to write the post, it was met with anger once it went viral. Many users called for Bank of America to terminate Lindgren from her position.

“Is this the type of person that you choose to represent your business?” Liz Owens wrote on the bank’s Facebook page June 2. “A vile, disgusting person full of hate and bigotry? Once again you people have shown your true colors. Unbelievable how you would let such a mean spirited, miserable individual such as herself represent your brand. Shame on you.”

Streeter B. Turner III‎ threatened to close his account with the bank if they did not remove Lindgren by June 10.

“One of your employees is happily telling folks she’s your employee while liberally interspersed hate and racism permeate her every expression,” Turner wrote. “As a member of your bank, I find this behavior both reprehensible and unacceptable.”

But Turner did not have to wait long for the former banker to be given the pink slip.

Bank of America tweeted an update on Lindgren’s employment status yesterday.

They shared a similar message on Facebook minutes later.

Andy Aldridge, one of the bank’s senior vice president and communications managers, confirmed the news to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. He would not reveal exactly what location Lindgren worked at and only said it was in the metro Atlanta area.

After stating her comments were “reprehensible and unacceptable” he told told the newspaper  “we have investigated the matter and terminated her. She no longer works for Bank of America.”

Lindgren has since deleted her Facebook page.

This is not the first time Bank of America has been caught in the middle of a racism scandal.

In 2013, The Huffington Post reported the U.S. Department of Labor ordered the company to pay $2.2 million to 1,147 African-Americans who alleged BofA had racially discriminated against them in the hiring process.

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