White Grosse Pointe Students Threaten to ‘Burn Black People, Make Them Slaves’ in Second Racial Incident for the Year

White students at a Michigan-area high school released a video over the weekend insulting Black people and declaring that they should return to Africa or become slaves.

According to Fox 2 Detroit, two white Grosse Pointe South High School students can be heard saying that they should “burn Black people, make them slaves, and send them back to Africa.” In the 1-minute clip, there were also talks about drowning and segregating Black people into states such as North and South Dakota.

The video was posted by Facebook user CJ Walker Wednesday and now has gone viral.

Since then, Grosse Pointe South High School officials sent an email informing parents about the video and detailing the possible ramifications for students.

“… This incident further affirms the need for our continued discourse around diversity, inclusion and race relations. With these topics in mind, we have had sustained dialogue that began in March and will continue well into the future. Weekly meetings and planning sessions have taken place with students from our Black Awareness Society for Education (B.A.S.E.) club. Additionally, we hosted a forum yesterday on these very topics moderated by Dr. Jay Marks from Oakland Schools. Nearly fifty students engaged in meaningful dialogue and strategic planning. In recognition of our student voices, we will be expanding opportunities that facilitate a comprehensive approach to celebrating the diversity of our student body…”

Grosse Pointe South High School was at the epicenter of a similar racial incident in March when four students were photographed sporting the n-word and phrases like ” I love n—s” on their bodies while at a party.

The subsequent Instagram post of the students went viral and the teens were suspended for a week for the first racially insensitive post, reported Atlanta Black Star.

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