Investigation Uncovers Appalling Actions by Rogue Chicago Cop Who Made Up Robbery Involving Black Men  

This week, CBS Chicago reporter Dave Savini tracked down and confronted a white officer who was captured on video in 2013 ramming her patrol car into a Black pastor’s sedan while her children were inside.

Atlanta Black Star reported in May that Reverend Catherine Brown was driving toward her driveway when she saw a squad car speeding toward her without any headlights or sirens on.

Chicago Police Department officers Michelle Morsi Murphy and Jose Lopez reportedly got out of their patrol car and began yelling at the woman and her children inside the sedan. They allegedly rammed the cop car into the sedan, preventing Brown from driving off.

Dash cam footage showed them dragging Brown out of the driver’s seat, pepper-spraying and beating her.

In this latest report from CBS Chicago, Savini confronts officer Morsi Murphy about a previous false robbery call and an unjustified arrest.

In 2014, Morsi Murphy — who was off duty and in plain clothes — called in a robbery at a 7-Eleven store claiming that a Mexican man and three Black men were robbing the store, per Savini’s report.

Footage from that night revealed that no one was robbing the store and that there were only two Black men in 7-Eleven at the time.

The damning report also reveals that Morsi Murphy arrested a woman in 2014 for allegedly having illegal drugs, but it turns out those drugs were bought from Walgreens.

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