Breaking: Florida Officer Responsible For Killing Black Church Musician Arrested and Charged With First-Degree Murder

Today, Florida State Attorney Dave Aronberg announced that the officer involved in the killing of Black Church musician—-Corey Jones— was unjustified in killing him.

Aronberg announced the charges at a press conference where several journalists are seen waiting for a period of time for him to arrive. The video of the news conference starts at the three minute and 3o second mark.

Palm Beach Gardens officer Nouman Raja was arrested and faced manslaughter and attempted murder charges in the aftermath of killing 31-year-old drummer Corey Jones near a highway on Oct. 18 of last year. Jones was waiting for a tow truck in the early morning on the day of the fatal shooting.

In the clip, Raja has been charged with manslaughter by culpable negligence and attempted first-degree murder.

Aronberg announced that a grand jury found the deadly shooting unjustified and Raja has been arrested immediately.

The New York Daily News revealed via the arrest report that Raja fired upon Jones without provocation.

Per the conversation recording Raja approaches Jones and asks, “You good?”

The Daily News continued:

Jones replied he was fine, and Raja prompted the musician two more times before suddenly yelling at him, “Get your f–king hands up! Get your f–king hands up!”

Shocked from the sudden hostility, Jones tells Raja to hold on. The disgraced officer yells at Jones again, right before he blasted three quick shots, the shocking recording revealed.

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