74-Year-Old ‘Pay-for-Play’ Deputy Gets 4 Years for Manslaughter in Shooting Death of Black Man


On Tuesday, a Tulsa, Oklahoma, judge sentenced Robert Bates — a former Tulsa County reserve deputy and insurance broker — to four years in prison for second-degree manslaughter for the April 2015 shooting of Black man, Eric Harris.

Atlanta Black Star reported in April that Bates had been charged in the accidental shooting, which was captured on video.

The footage spread onto the web and sent social media into a firestorm.

The then 73-year-old Bates could be heard saying: “Oh, I shot him.”

The former deputy could also be heard apologizing after pulling the trigger.

Today, Tulsa’s Fox 23 News reports that the jury deliberated for a month and that Bates received the maximum penalty recommended by jurors.

Bates’ family blames the media for his harsh sentencing. They believe the backlash online vilified him.

Now, his attorneys are trying to get a reduced sentence because of his failing health.

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