Watch: Family of Young Texas Mother Taken to Jail After Severe Car Accident Said She Had Headaches Before Suffering Fatal Seizure

Texas woman, Symone Marshall, was found dead in a Walker County, Texas Jail cell two weeks after being in a severe car accident on April 26.

Atlanta Black Star interviewed Walker County Jail administrator Captain Steve Fisher about incidents leading to the death of 22-year-old woman in their custody.

Fisher stated that ” Marshall complained she wasn’t feeling well on May 3, upon which a doctor was brought in to examine her on May 4. Unable to reveal what the young woman was seen for, he confirms Marshall was treated and cleared.”

In the news report from Houston’s KHOU, family reveals that the woman moved to Texas about a month ago looking  for a fresh start.

“We are feeling terrible,” said sister Honey Marshall during a phone call.  “All we had was each other. We’re just feeling really heart-broken right now.  Like this is the worst thing to ever happen to us.”

KHOU reports that immediately after Symone’s accident, authorities did not see any significant injuries and did not provide the young woman with medical assistance. They also report that the woman refused medical attention initially.

Her sisters tell reporters that Symone spoke with them in the weeks prior to her death. The young woman said that her head was hurting and she felt like blacking out.

“They told me she’s seen the doctor at the jail,” said Honey Marshall.  “I told them she needs to go to a real hospital.”

The 22-year-old was pronounced dead after a seizure. As of now, the autopsy results are pending.

The Walker County Sheriff’s Office and Texas Rangers are also conducting an internal investigation.

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