10-Year-Old Motivational Speaker Presents Strong Argument for Why Rappers Must Be Held Responsible for Their Negative Lyrics

YouTuber and 10-year-old motivational speaker King Nahh tells his viewers that rap today has no positive messages in a video podcast/radio show.

In the 3-minute video, the young motivational speaker says that rap today has violent themes and inspires negativity. King Nahh says the negativity of the themes is the root cause of Black-on-Black crime and violence in Black communities.

“It’s the music that is controlling them,” he says. “Rappers have to change their style.”

However, the young speaker realizes that these “negative messages” are the reason many rappers are famous and wealthy. He wants young people to require more from their favorite artists. King Nahh also wants rappers to take responsibility for their rhymes.

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