White Privilege?: Black 2nd Grader Drags Kid Twice His Size Across Playground, Loses Tug-of-War Because of White Teacher


Facebook user Your Business Needs LLC posted video May 20 of a Black student and a white student engaged in a friendly match of tug-of-war as part of the students’ second-grade field day.

In the video, the Black student — who is half the size of the white student — managed to pull the white second grader to his side and declare a victory for his blue team.

However, the elderly white teacher does not give him the victory he earned. The white student gets up and proceeds to drag the now tired Black student back to the orange side. Immediately, the white second grade teacher declares victory for the white student.

On the Facebook user’s profile, viewers had a variety of opinions on what occurred. User Matt Dominguez believes the teacher was wrong but thinks that Black people pull the “race card” too much:


Facebook user Ayoba Houston was flabbergasted at what he saw, stating that he could not explain this to his children:


However, user Destiny Plair sees obvious racial overtones at play here:


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