After Nearly 20 Years in the Military, This Woman May Not Receive Her Pension — Here’s Why


Former Lieutenant Commander Syneeda Penland said she was thrown in the brig for 45 days after being accused of having an affair with a married man even though she was single.

Back in the mid-2000s, the former Navy woman was put in charge of millions of dollars involving Gulf War expenditure accounts.

At that time, she was stationed on a San Diego naval base, where she befriended a subordinate, Lt. Mark Wiggan. However, everything changed in early 2007 when a female Navy chief accused Penland of having an affair with Wiggan.

An investigation was launched after Penland let Wiggan use her camera, without knowing that she’d left crude photos of herself and another man on it.

In a Wednesday interview with Atlanta’s Fox 5 I-Team, Penland explained her strange circumstances to reporter Randy Travis:

“Whether it’s adultery or whether it’s fraud, let’s let the public weigh. Which one is more important? Do they want gossip? Messy gossip? Do you want to see my pictures? I could have already been making millions. Look at Atlanta Housewives. This is a perfect story for them but I’m not trashy like that, I’m sorry …  And I was like, really? You guys going to come at me like that? So when you can see through the smokescreen, it was never about the pictures. I was single. And if you want to put this on camera you can. I could have had sex with the entire fleet and would not be guilty of adultery.”

Penland said she is being punished for challenging the government’s wasteful spending of federal funds.

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