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Mississippi Town Wakes Up to KKK Fliers in Their Driveways, Local Black Panthers Respond


Residents in Belhaven, Mississippi are disgusted after they discovered recruiting fliers from the Ku Klux Klan in their driveways over the weekend.

The fliers read:

“The law abiding citizens of your community can sleep in peace knowing the klan is awake!”

Mississippi’s WAPT reached out to the Loyal White Knights KKK chapter to ask why they decided to distribute those fliers.

The chapter’s Grand Dragon told the reporter:

“We are spreadin’ em to let people know the klan is in the neighborhood. We are here wanting to protect the Christian values of what is left of white America … If an individual is having trouble in his neighborhood… Let’s say he’s having trouble in a Latino neighborhood or some of the African-Americans in his community, they can call us, let us know the situation. And if it’s a situation we feel like needs to be looked into, we will look into it.”

WAPT also talked to the head of the local chapter of the Black Panther Party to get his take on this incident:

“The Black Panther Party does not support anything that has a reputation or history of basically killing people or anything that is negativity. Stop thinking about being about hate, start thinking about how you are going to rebuild the community,” he proclaimed.

The residents and security agency for the neighborhood dismissed the KKK’s attempt to infiltrate their diverse community.

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