This Man Spent Nearly 2 Years in Jail Despite the Victim Vouching for His Innocence – Now He Wants Restitution 

A wrongly convicted New York man was incarcerated in the DeKalb County, Georgia jail for 529 days for a shooting back in 2012.

Now the Buffalo, New York resident, Darrick McDuffie, is suing DeKalb County for $10 million after the nearly two-year-long sentence that ruined his life.

“Mr. McDuffie was barely 20 years old when he was first arrested, and spent an especially significant time of his life — in which most young adults begin to establish a career, relationships, and otherwise prepare for adult life — locked away in the DeKalb County jail,” according to court documents.

Atlanta’s CBS 46 News reports that the initial police report back in 2012 did not mention McDuffie at all. Marcus Brown — the victim of the October 2012 shooting — stated in an affidavit that McDuffie was not responsible at all. The Buffalo resident was arrested a month after the shooting.

The $10 million lawsuit will cover physical and mental pain as well as financial losses from the nearly two years he spent in jail.

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