Black Woman Goes for Brazilian Butt Lift, Leaves with Grim Scars and 7-Inch Hole in Stomach

Florida woman Crystal Heath showed off scars from a failed cosmetic surgery to reporters from South Florida’s NBC 6 Monday.

Heath says she went to Dr. Osak Omulepu for liposuction and a Brazilian butt lift in February 15, 2015 but came out with an unwanted tummy tuck and no butt lift surgery.

“I didn’t need a tummy tuck. I paid for a Brazilian butt lift,” she said.

The woman goes on to tell reporters, “At the moment when everything went wrong, I felt like I was going to die.”

“I started throwing up instantly. I started throwing up so bad it was like bursting in my stomach.” This all happened after the surgery.

Florida’s Department of Health, the agency that oversees doctors, has placed a restriction on Omulepu’s license and has taken action to revoke his license as well.

Heath said the surgery left her with a 7-inch hole in her stomach. This disastrous operation resulted in an 11-day hospital stay.

Now, the Miami-based cosmetic surgeon is under fire because other patients have come out against him because of similar botched procedures.

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