The Unexpected Trait Trump Embodies That Obama Needs to Adopt Now to Secure His Legacy

Comedian, actress and producer Quinta Brunson, and Nightly Show correspondents Mike Yard and Robin Thede discuss the reasons President Obama’s accomplishments and the public’s perception of his legacy do not align on Wednesday’s episode.

In the video, Brunson jokingly says the president does not get enough credit because he is too perfect and handsome. However, the panel agrees that Obama doesn’t brag enough. They admit that he has not achieved everything he wanted, but say he should sell himself better. Thede says the only good trait Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has is his ability to boost and sell himself. Yard recommends that the president get rid of that old, corny introduction and be more like Def Jam.

“He needs to do it like Def Jam. [Obama] needs someone out there like: ‘Ladies and gentlemen this brotha here has reduced the deficit … killed Osama Bin Laden…. Give it up for your man, the man Barack!’ “

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