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LL Cool J’s Mom Reveals How She Motivated Her Son to Get Good Grades in Sweet Video


Rapper LL Cool J and his mother Ondrea talked to Entertainment Tonight about the rapper/actor’s childhood on Tuesday’s episode.

ET got a chance to sit down with the two and glance over vintage photos from the 70s, 80s and 90s from the rapper’s life. Ondrea mentions his potty training, dates, and never calling him by his work name: “LL Cool J.”

According to his mom, “The ladies like Todd but he was bashful.” LL tells ET that one time he brought home bad grades and his mother told him that the ladies do not like “dummies.”

The NCIS: Los Angeles star says his mother is his biggest fan and “the check is in the mail.” LL Cool J’s other hit show Lip Sync Battle is also drawing in millions every week over on Spike TV. His mega-successful CBS crime drama NCIS: Los Angeles is currently in its eighth season.

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