Georgia Officials Scrambling to Change Some Laws After Rapper Yo Gotti Gets Away With This Act

Rapper Yo Gotti is in hot water after officials in Henry County, Georgia were not told about the explicit video he shot at a courthouse last month.

His video for the hit single “Law” was shot at a historic Henry County courthouse. According to WSB-TV in Atlanta, the county manager and board of commissioners have come out against the video because they did not give the musician and his crew permission to shoot inside the courthouse.

County Manager Lyndon Bonner told the ABC affiliate that the music video’s lyrics do not represent the county.

“Clearly, it does not represent the standards of what’s Henry County,” Bonner said. “It was not authorized by the Board of County Commissioners, nor my office.”

However, it would appear that Yo Gotti did ask permission, he just did not take the proper channels to shoot at the courthouse.

WSB-TV reports that McDonough City Council member Sandra Vincent gave the rapper permission to shoot there. However, the woman did not know about the song’s lyrics, see a script, or know the song’s message.

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