Watch: Million Student March Organizer Schools Fox’s Neil Cavuto on Capitalism, Greed and Free Education


Screen Shot of Cavuto/Scruggs InterviewFox Business Network’s Neil Cavuto invited Million Student March Organizer Darletta Scruggs to appear on his show Thursday evening, and let’s just say things got a little heated.

Scruggs, a supporter of free college for all and debt forgiveness, argued that the U.S. should shift its priorities from war and prisons, and instead focus on providing quality education for its citizens.

“If there’s one trillion dollars to invest on nuclear weapons, then there’s certainly money to invest in education,” she said. “Why do we prioritize war and nuclear weapons over education and justify students going into debt?”

Video 1

Throughout the three-part interview, Cavuto constantly raised the question of how the U.S. government would pay for all this and how high Scruggs would raise taxes on America’s top income earners.

“Do you think there is a limit to how much you can tax the rich? To how much you can tax companies?” he asked.

He also suggested that the government  should asses how and where it spends money, instead of taxing citizens.

Video 2

Scruggs was quick on her feet and had plenty of stats ready to back up her arguments. At one point, the commentator and organizer were fighting to speak over one another, trying to get the last word in.

Video 3

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