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4 thoughts on “The Fascinating Story of How the Legalized Marijuana Industry Is Rigged to Exclude Black People

  1. I am so angry that these Mothers are letting their kids smoke marijuanna, and these kids are not sick. They have gotten lazy and don't want to go to school.

  2. Rakhel Said says:

    you do know that sick kids who use medial marijanna do not smoke it right ? and that has nothing to do with the video

  3. I was a marijuana dispensary owner in Seattle Washington and Im an African American and the FEds shut me down and charged me with a crime solely based on me being an African American . They made up lies about me fed it to the press to make it seem like they had a reason to do what they did , but the bottom line ws they did not want me as a black man to make a living in this business . I was forced to sign a plea agreement or go to prison for 5 years. This government is a sham.This system is designed to hold AA back at any cost. Fuck the Feds

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